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The Company and its History



In 1941 Mr. Cándido Piñeiro and Mrs. Carmen Durán established a company called Autos Cándido, acquiring a lorry and using it for the transportation of merchandise. A year later this lorry is transformed so that it World carry passengers and merchandise. Whitin just a few years the company had three vehicles dedicated to de trade at fairs, 29 in total per month.

In November 1954 Mr. Cándido Piñeiro Unfortunately passes away, leaving the business to his wife Carmen. It is at this time that the company is renamed Autos Vda. De Cándido.

Besides raising four children, Carmen now ran the company having acquired sufficient experience along side her husband. At the time, while Cándido drove the vehicles, she would run te ticket office and be in charge of administration of the fleet of three vehicles, which in those days was no small feat.

For twenty one years, Carmen not only runs the compnay but also a fruit shop which she started in 1968, in te very same garage where the vehicles were kept. This way she could control both businesses at the same time.



Manuel Piñeiro, the present owner and son of the founder of the company takes over magatemente of the business in 1975. At the time the business was no fairing well, having only bus.

This young entrepreneur makes a big effort and commits to revive the family business, with the help of his wife Carmen Villalustre, creating a new concpet in passenger-transport service; deciding to innovate and estand out with de acquisition of Pullmas, aiming always to be leaders in both comfort and security at a national level across europe.

The company presently owns eight 13 to 61 seater buses. These are quite differente tho the ones usually seen, having the most prestigious bodywork and chassis, equipped with the latest techonology, comfort and security. The Company also has buses especially equipped for the physically challenged.

As of 2007 the company has been certified by the I.S.O. 9001 Quality Management Standard, I.S.O. 14001 Environment Management Standard and the E.N. 13816 European Transportation Standard.