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Quality and Environment Policy


AUTOCARES VDA. CANDIDO, S.L.  whose activity is the transport of travellers by bus, private services or school and employees transportation. Guaranteed by people that has beem menbers of this company for years. Constantly promoting innovation and improvement so much with the method used by the organization as an environment matter as it is preventing pollution with de purpose of being a more competitive company, which allows us to generato needs for out customers through an evaluation of out quality and environment procedures.

AUTOCARES VDA. CANDIDO, S.L.  has established a management integrated system to improve the quality and environment to obtain that we take as a base the consumers satisfaction. 

To keep this policy AUTOCARES VDA CANDIDO, S.L. we assume the following rules: 

• Carrying out a fast efficient obligation with the customer

• A suitable maintenance of our vehicle fleet

• Increasing the number of customers and the satisfaction with the service provided

• Increasing the output and general efficacity of our organization based on a process management which allows managing.

• Our activities and our resources at the same time that we control incidences tha are produce in each process

• Organize and obtain the constant control of management as much is quelity as an environment.

• Promoting the constant improvement and the prevention of pullution within our procesess

• Improve the management of our resources ( average material used) and waste residues.

AUTOCARES VDA. CANDIDO S.L.  is commited to fill the legislation and regulations so much in environment matter as of our sector and with the inside requires and also our own customers requires.

Likewise, our organization is compromissed with constant improving of our system. This entails our anticipation to the non-conformance introduction and problems achieving this way customers with degree os satisfaction and contributing likewise to the sustainable development item. And therefore developing to the maximum our services benefits so muchs quality as an environmental middle.