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Types of Routes



The Shared Transportation Program of Galicia, TES + BUS, is a joint project ot the Consellería of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Transportations and the Consellería of Education and University Ordainment, with de aim of the promotion of the collective public transport in rural character areas.

The action TES + BUS consist ot fhe mixed use of school child transport services public, so that any citizen of areas where is introduced wil be able to use for his displacements these services routes.

The objective ot the TES + BUS is to facilitate displacements of the town of areas with scan services o public transport in such a way that, making good use of the route of school children buses, inhabitants on the places through which these pass can access to headlines ot the town halls where, together on schools, simple services are usually found so much office workers, as sanitary, banking, etc.

¿In which date will work the TES + BUS?

- The operation of the TES + BUS will coincide with days and schedules in which the student transportation is carried out in each of the school years.

¿Which is the price of the TES + BUS?

- Citizens that services use of the TES + BUS wil pay 1 Euro for every trip that carry out.

¿Which norms are applied in the TES + BUS?

- In the TES + BUS some norms wil be introduced that wil govem in the joint use of transport services school child, and that, in any case, will predominate his use by school children.

- It will travel a person companion, and adult, that will be the one which regulates the order in the bus.

- Users will be able to go up in anyone of the stops of the school child route.

- Users will be able to go down in anyone of the stops of the school child route or when arriving to the educational center.

- It you will no be able to go up with lumps that, in opinion of the person companion, the step can hinder.